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Good Looking Sheep
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Le Biscornu Icelandic... Where improvement is an Art and a Science
Since 2004, Le Biscornu has been breeding icelandic sheep in respect of this wonderful breed. By browsing through our website, you will discover the roots of this breed and its evolution in the history at the base of our breeding philosophy. 
Discover also our methods and tools essential to the genetic flock selection, to the breed integrity preservation and the achievement of the breed standards. 
Le Biscornu is proud of is accomplishement, to breed them for their performance beyond their beauty and to be able to offer high quality breeding stock through the country.
Thousand years old 
And genetically the same ... 

Many things are said about this breed, but very few people can defend it...

The purest breed in the world?
Unchanged for a thousand years ?
A real tripple purpose breed ?

Learn more about the millennial history of this breed ...

Our certifications

Learn more about our certified "Animal Welfare" and "Grass-Only Feed" certified breeding under strict, better defined standards that go beyond organic certification standards. Raised with respect for nature and their nature, our purebred Icelandic herd offers us mainly: Top quality meat High quality wool.

At Le Biscornu, we breed for moore than

Good Looking Sheep

Discover our selections methods...
Sheep can fly too!

As every year we deliver breeding stock to the Ontario border for our passionate friends and breeders. 

A usual stop is made at the Pierre-Éliot Trudeau Airport to drop off the subjects bound for western Canada. Last year, the lucky winners landed in Manitoba and already, for the next year, places are reserved for Vancouver Island.

This year again, Le Biscornu participated in the festival of P'tite Laine. It is always a pleasure to meet pationnés of this extraordinary fiber as well as all these producers doing a remarkable work to get you this fan of fibers more beautiful ones than the others
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After 14 years, it was time to renew ourselves. With the evolution of websites and social media we had to change the formula in order to adapt
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